We have a proven track record of commitment to the highest standards of program delivery, offering over two decades of experience. Our team specializes in program coordination with cognizance of the importance of safety, confidentiality, and success, to facilitate language and culture services within mission-critical initiatives.


We are available to our clients and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We offer several unique immersion programs such as a hybrid language, cultural, and strategic engagement program, power immersions or iso-immersions, customized-to-student immersions, short- and long-term immersions, and currently offer services in over 100 countries with a focus of more than 90 languages.


Our team offers more than two decades of program management experience. We work closely with each client, collaborating closely with in-country partners to ensure that our program goals are met within scope, on deadline, and within budget.

Brian P. – Client

Angie is a true professional, and a pleasure to work with. She has shown great expertise at managing travel arrangements for multiple travelers going to numerous locations throughout the year, some as long as 6 months in duration. All have been handled with exceptional skill, start to finish. Angie truly cares about what she does, it is evident in every task she takes on to ensure a safe, secure, and beneficial learning experience.

Sheila M. – Client

I’ve worked with Angie Stephenson for several years. In my extensive experience facilitating hundreds of immersions with Angie, she has been incredibly professional, responsive, and proactive. I highly recommend her services for effective language, regional expertise, and cultural immersion training.

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